If you want to impress your dream girl, you need to prove to her that you are capable of being her husband.

What Makes a Woman Fall in Love

Dating can be wonderful and thrilling.

But it can also be confusing and incredibly overwhelming.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to make a woman fall in love or how to win over a woman, we’ve put together our best dating tips.

What Makes a Woman Fall in Love?

Love is extremely complicated, but it comes down to chemistry, compatibility, mutual interest, and respect. Women are attracted to men with a combination of confidence, ambition, emotional strength, loyalty, honesty, and kindness. These traits often combine with attraction to create romantic desire.

Nurturing these feelings of romantic desire can lead to a deep, lasting love. If you take care of yourself, work toward your goals and dreams, treat people with respect, and find a woman you connect with, the relationship can grow naturally from there.

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Tips on How to Make a Woman Fall for You

If you are in a relationship or trying to move past friendship and into a romantic relationship, here are some of the best tips on how to win over a woman.

Treat Everyone Well

Along with treating your partner well, it is also important to treat her mother, father, sisters, brothers, and relatives with respect. This respect also needs to extend to everyone around you, including strangers, your family, waiters, and animals. Showing her that you are thoughtful, nurturing, and kind to others is an attractive trait and reassuring her that you would make a caring romantic partner.

Be Open With Your Emotions

Being open with your emotions is key to connecting with a woman. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable so a woman can get to know who you truly are. When you express vulnerability, it also makes a woman feel more comfortable sharing intimate details about herself.

Accept Her

We’re all human, meaning no one is perfect. If you are wondering how to make a woman fall for you, make sure you accept her — including her flaws. Accepting her flaws also means she’ll be more understanding of yours.

Prioritise Her

A partner wants to feel like the most important person to you (most of the time at least). Practice putting her feelings before your own, going out of your way to show her you are thinking of her, or making a point to do special things for her. Putting her first shows her that you will make a thoughtful partner and help her fall in love with you.

A woman can fall in love deeply if she finds the man is ideal as her life partner.

Don’t Smother Her

Although it is important to prioritise your partner, women do not want to feel smothered. If you disregard your family, friends, and goals to follow her around and constantly check in on her can be a turn-off.

If a woman senses you are putting your life on hold to cater to her every need, it can be extremely unattractive and end up pushing her away. A woman wants a man who is confidently seeking his ambitions, hobbies, and dreams while also being supportive of her.

Forget the “Tall, Dark, and Handsome” Stereotype

Have you ever limited your dating options simply because you feel you don’t fit the physical traits you think women want?

The majority of women are attracted to a combination of looks and character. Along with a physical connection, attraction involves your ability to make her laugh, your personality, your loyalty, how you treat other people, and how much you value yourself. Be confident in who you are and trust that you deserve someone amazing.

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Offer Genuine Compliments

Do you love her new shirt?
Think she has a great laugh or smiles?
Love her artwork?

Let her know with a sincere compliment. Keep compliments truthful and short and make sure compliments aren’t limited to her appearance.


When she talks, make sure you are being an active listener. Pay attention to the little details and what is important to her, and offer thoughtful advice if she asks for it. Active listening helps show that you genuinely care about her.

Be Self-Assured

Although cockiness and arrogance are turn-offs, confidence is always appealing. Confidence is believed to be one of the most sought-offer traits in a potential partner. Women do not want to be in a position where they constantly need to reassure you or feed your ego.

Most women find an intelligent man hot and desirable.

Show Affection in an Appropriate Way

Pay attention to how your woman enjoys affection. Does she love PDA? Then put your arm around her or hold her hand in public. If she steers away from public affection, offers to snuggle up for a movie at home.

Also, it is important to remember that affection doesn’t always have to be physical. Leave a note for her to let her know you are thinking of her or send her a sweet text to show you care.

Be Honest

Honesty is always an incredibly attractive trait. If you have faults you are working on, have been too busy with your professional life to find love, or struggle with certain aspects of relationships, let her know. She’ll appreciate your vulnerability and it will help build trust and intimacy between the two of you.

Be Reliable

If you say you’ll meet her at a certain time or promise to pick her up, be there. A woman wants a man she can always rely on in any situation. Being dependable fosters security within the relationship builds trust, and can help a woman fall in love with you.

Build Intimacy

Intimacy is often automatically linked to sex, but intimacy also includes deep conversations, cuddling, relying on each other through tough times, and sharing insecurities. Build intimacy by asking her about her life, being there for her if she has a tough day at work, having meaningful conversations, and through physical intimacy.

Be Loyal

Being loyal is crucial for connecting with a woman. To make sure you are being faithful in your relationship, make sure you have an honest, clear conversation about the status of your relationship, what both of you expect, and what the boundaries are.

Is this a casual relationship where you are both still open to seeing other people? Or is this a committed relationship where you both see a future together?

If she wants to be in a committed relationship, make sure you aren’t flirting with other women or giving her reasons to question your faithfulness.

Put Effort into the Relationship

Keep your relationship dynamic and fun by planning exciting trips or unexpected adventures. Along with creating memories, you will show your partner that you are willing to put in extra effort to see her happy and keep the relationship exciting and fresh.

Behave in the ways that are attractive to women and make them feel the way they want to feel when they are with a man.

Be Trustworthy

For a successful relationship, trust is one of the most important factors. Earning and building trust takes time, but here are tips for creating trust in a relationship:

  • When she tells you something private, keep it between the two of you
  • Always be honest with her
  • Be faithful and loyal to her
  • Be reliable
  • Don’t snoop
  • Show her your vulnerable side
  • Don’t make assumptions

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