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HYTCH is a bespoke and discreet matchmaking service that handpicks qualified candidates for our members.

We are in the business of helping people forge meaningful connections and keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever changing dating landscape so you don't have to.

Outsource your personal life to the professionals today.


“HYTCH believes that meaningful connections are key to living a balanced life which, can only truly be enjoyed when shared
with an equal.”


As Perth’s most exclusive matchmaking firm, we are uniquely positioned with an extensive network of contacts. We understand the more opportunities you have to meet quality individuals, the greater the probability of finding love.

Our search efforts extend beyond our Candidate Program and include proactive recruiting through our Scout network. Your personal protection and privacy are paramount so unlike other agencies, HYTCH is strict about meeting all potential candidates in person before being presented for your consideration.

Our resources and expansive reach, coupled with our comprehensive screening and interview process ensures we find the right person for you. Not the most convenient option. Not another requesting match. The absolute best person for you.

No client request is too difficult. Each membership is custom designed to best embody who you are, as well as your future partner. Whether you are looking for a partner to enjoy shared interests, trips overseas, down south or weekends at Rottnest, HYTCH has the adaptability to accommodate it all.

We are the only agency in Perth to partner with top stylists, groomers, personal trainers and nutritionists to support every aspect of our clients’ journey in finding love even long after you’ve been successfully matched.



"After being away from dating for a long time and not wanting to participate in online dating I looked for a more sophisticated and discreet option. From the moment I met both Amanda and Linda I was really impressed by their professional, caring and understanding approach.  The in-depth interview and questionnaire really helps you to reflect and clearly understand what it is that you are looking for in a relationship.

The follow up pre and post dates are really valuable, especially the feedback form after the first date that both people complete, so you know straight away if there is compatibility and chemistry.

Through Amanda's amazing matchmaking skills I have now started dating a wonderful man and am enjoying a lovely romance"

- TM

"My experience with HYTCH has been overwhelmingly positive in every respect.
My initial interview with Amanda was easy, professional and thorough. It was conducted in a casual atmosphere but it was obvious from the start that this was an important aspect of the process, enabling the team to assess people with complementary characteristics. It was probing yet non-invasive.  
The process of co-ordinating a dinner with the gentleman Amanda chose was also seamless and highly organised. I felt safe at all times as HYTCH appear to take background checking seriously and I was treated with respect at all times.  
Thanks Amanda"

- SB

"My experience with Linda of HYTCH was very impressive. She listens and assesses her client’s profile in great detail  bringing a new style to match making. I found her both instinctive and intuitive, enabling the closest match likely, which undoubtedly offers the best chance of a successful match.
Linda also focuses on ensuring that both parties are “relationship ready” which is a necessity for a good result.
Thank you Linda. "

- ND

"I write this with a sincere sense of warmth and gratitude for your interest in helping me.

You are an open, honest and delightful character Amanda and I understand why you are succeeding in supporting so many people find love.

I trust your integrity, your professionalism and your commitment without any doubts.

Thank you for taking so much time with me to help me find love again."

- SD

"Linda is a lovely and genuine young woman. She is emotionally intelligent beyond her years and brings experience and empathy to her role of relationship match maker.
I wish her the success she deserves and happiness in her new business"

- VW

"I have had 5 coaching sessions with Linda so far, and one of the things I like is that any questions I have about dating or life coaching, are already answered in the sessions through the activities and conversations set out each time.

Linda has made me feel very confident in knowing that with time and practice, I feel I will fall in love with myself as well as with someone else.

Thank you Hytch and I am looking forward to more discussions that will help me along my journey."

- NN


All enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence. 
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