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HYTCH is a bespoke and discreet matchmaking service that handpicks qualified candidates for our members.

We are in the business of helping people forge meaningful connections and keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever changing dating landscape so you don't have to.

Outsource your personal life to the professionals today.


“HYTCH believes that meaningful connections are key to living a balanced life which, can only truly be enjoyed when shared
with an equal.”


As Perth’s most exclusive matchmaking firm, we are uniquely positioned with an extensive network of contacts. We understand the more opportunities you have to meet quality individuals, the greater the probability of finding love.

Our search efforts extend beyond our Candidate Program and include proactive recruiting through our Scout network. Your personal protection and privacy are paramount so unlike other agencies, HYTCH is strict about meeting all potential candidates in person before being presented for your consideration.

Our resources and expansive reach, coupled with our comprehensive screening and interview process ensures we find the right person for you. Not the most convenient option. Not another requesting match. The absolute best person for you.

No client request is too difficult. Each membership is custom designed to best embody who you are, as well as your future partner. Whether you are looking for a partner to enjoy shared interests, trips overseas, down south or weekends at Rottnest, HYTCH has the adaptability to accommodate it all.

We are the only agency in Perth to partner with top stylists, groomers, personal trainers and nutritionists to support every aspect of our clients’ journey in finding love even long after you’ve been successfully matched.



All enquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence. 
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