Do you regularly attend local events, business gatherings, or social events? Are you at ease chatting up new people and networking? As part of our exclusive network of scouts, you could earn money for doing what you love and help people find love in the process!

If you are a social butterfly that enjoys meeting new people and regularly attending events and would like to get paid to help people find love, being a scout may be an extremely rewarding job. We are looking for talented, intuitive scouts to help us expand our network of elite, eligible individuals in the Perth area, including women, men, and members of the LGBTI+ community.

If our mission inspires you, please reach out to us to learn more about becoming a scout with HYTCH. As part of our exclusive team, you may just help someone find the love of their life!

Amanda Harrigan & Linda Li


We are all deserving of companionship, happiness, and love. At HYTCH, we have an unrivalled passion for matching up compatible singles and helping them find a chance at a long-lasting, loving relationship. To bring these matches together, we believe in using as many avenues as possible to increase our chances of building successful relationships.

We have seen firsthand that true connections are a result of a deep understanding of what a client is seeking in a relationship, what their goals are, what their background is, and their values. Essentially, the best connections come from truly getting to know each client we work with.

By using matchmaking scouts to expand our network of elite, professional singles, we drastically increase our chance of finding genuine matches for our clients.


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