Amanda Harrigan



Born and raised in Perth, Amanda a Curtin University graduate, has had a passionate commitment to learning about human behaviour, relationships and dating for over twenty years.

In 2012, Amanda founded her Life & Relationship Coaching business helping people overcome their personal and relationship challenges to create profound and positive changes within themselves, their lives and relationships. Her experience in this area led her to further develop her skills and pursue the craft of connecting people at a top matchmaking firm for four years.

Inspired by her passion, and seeing an opportunity in the market to recreate the Perth dating space, Amanda decided to shape her own vision with HYTCH. Amanda’s vibrant personality, extensive network, keen intuition and emotional intelligence have led her to fulfil her purpose helping men and women find their perfect match.

She is a certified Life Coach, Relationship and Infidelity Coach. She is also certified as a Prepare and Enrich Relationship Assessment Facilitator and Equilibration Facilitator.



Born in Canberra, raised in China and Perth, Linda is a UWA graduate. She has spent the last decade successfully working in the fields of finance in Perth, manufacturing for commercial/ industrial industries in China and business consulting with start-ups in London.

A true romantic, her fascination with the mind, love and relationships started at a very young age and in pursuit of knowledge, she has travelled and attended internationally renowned conferences and seminars all over the world.

Linda’s unwavering passion for helping people in impactful and meaningful ways has led her to starting her own venture, HYTCH.

Her formal training and experience brings a unique perspective to connecting people from varied walks of life and understanding the intricacies of the human psyche.

Linda Li


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