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Amanda Harrigan & Linda Li
5 months ago, Ashlee and I were matched by Amanda the wizard at Hytch, who paired us to perfection. It’s all about yin and yang and that’s what we have found in each other. We’re flabbergasted at how much our relationship has grown in such a short period of time. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Hytch, they definitely know their stuff and we would recommend them to anyone who is ready and open to investing in a real romantic connection.We can’t thank Amanda enough!Love always,Conrad & Ashleeread more
Conrad Salay
Conrad Salay
06:11 31 Mar 24
Signed up for the Relationship Blueprint and Dating Strategies Program.Was guided by great knowledge from Linda which assisted in altering my paradigm in finding a partner.read more
Daniel Ellis
Daniel Ellis
00:15 17 Mar 24
I had an incredible experience with HYTCH. Linda and the team at HYTCH truly understands the importance of personalized matchmaking.From the very beginning, the process was smooth and professional. Linda took the time to get to know me, understand my preferences, and genuinely cared about finding a match that would be compatible on multiple levels. The matches provided were not only based on shared interests but also on deeper compatibility factors.I’ve been lucky enough to meet someone who I can see myself being with in the long run which is really exciting.I appreciated how private and discrete the service is. I felt secure knowing that my information was handled with the utmost respect.If you’re looking for a more meaningful dating experience that isn’t just an app like Tinder, etc. I’d highly recommend Linda and the HYTCH team.read more
09:19 12 Jan 24
After years of bashing my head against a wall on the apps, HYTCH slid into my DM’s asking if I wanted to be in their passive candidate pool.My experience with Amanda has been great; my first match and I are very much enjoying getting to know each other and he’s everything she described him to be (and more 🥰).So, moral of the story – get off the apps.Work on yourself. BECOME the partner you’re seeking.Then, get onto HYTCH.The end.read more
Ashlee Bunney
Ashlee Bunney
07:42 30 Nov 23
I cannot thank Amanda and the team enough at HYTCH Private Search for their help in finding the most beautiful like minded soul just for me. After 12-years of single life I decided to give the dating seen another go. The mainstream dating sites I joined proved to me that this was not the way I was going to find ‘my-person’ I got disheartened and gave-up. Amanda reached out to me and suggested looking at an alternative with HYTCH. I went on a total of 3 dates with HYTCH (and all matches were great people; Amanda really does her homework on matching your important values you look for in a perspective partner and vice versa) Within a couple of months I was matched with date number 3, I can confidently say he had all the important qualities I was looking for and many I didn’t know at the time I needed. We are now settling into a new budding romance, which in the short term feels more true and real than anything I have ever experienced. Thank you once again HYTCH Team – well done ❤️read more
Michelle w
Michelle w
07:21 29 Nov 23
Hi Amanda,I just want to thank you so much for helping me and genuinely having my best interests at heart.It was very powerful to initially spend some time with you to really clarify what I wanted from a long-term relationship. You also helped me to understand that sometimes there is a difference to what you need, as opposed to what you think you want!!You obviously listened carefully to what I was saying as the lady you introduced me to is just amazing on so many levels. Your feedback and advice after our first few dates was so helpful and then you knew to pull back and leave it to us.We have developed a beautiful, strong connection and are having so much fun together. In fact, we have our first overseas trip together booked, which we are really looking forward to.You clearly are very passionate about what you do. Once again, thank you so much. You really were born to bring people together!!read more
08:04 09 Oct 23
After a relationship break up about 2 years ago, Amanda helped me with some personal coaching to get through that difficult time. So, when ready to date again, I had no hesitation in contacting Amanda and the Hytch team for their matchmaking expertise. Amanda is kind, enthusiastic, trustworthy and genuinely listens in order to find the right match. Having previously experienced the run-around with online dating, it’s a refreshing and completely positive experience to be using Hytch. Trusting Amanda and the matching process has given me the absolute pleasure of meeting an incredible woman who I’m really excited about getting to know further. Thanks Amanda! xxread more
Justin Chidlow
Justin Chidlow
04:46 09 Oct 23
I originally met Amanda when I engaged her for some personal 1:1 life coaching back in 2010 and throughout that process I found her to be a really caring person who is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential (in life and relationships). I recently signed up as a member of Hytch and Amanda matched me with a beautiful man who I’m really enjoying getting to know. Thanks for taking such a personal approach to connecting people Amanda! Knowing that the men I meet through Hytch are genuinely looking for connections just takes the pressure off and makes the dating experience really enjoyable again.Thankyou xxx 🙏read more
Nicole Couper
Nicole Couper
09:27 04 Oct 23
When I met with Amanda she was very professional, caring and thoughtful. She has helped me to find my perfect match and I could not be happier. Amanda listened to what I wanted and then coached me to have realistic expectations in a very caring and gentle manner.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda and Hytch to anyone looking for love.Thank you Amanda, we are so happy.read more
05:29 04 Sep 23
If you’re like me, tired of the online dating scene and looking for an alternative, I highly recommend Hytch. They are such a kind hearted and supportive team. I could feel from the get go how genuine they were in trying to help me find my partner.Hytch was not my first experience with a matchmaking agency. My previous experience had me feeling so jaded. I felt it was more about the commercial gain and getting through the contracted numbers than it was about treating me like an individual. When I approached Hytch, I was a little wary but when I met Linda, she immediately put me at ease. The entire vibe was different and I could tell straight away that Hytch was different. They really care.Since then, Linda and Amanda worked tirelessly and put me in contact with three different matches, one of whom I am happy to call my partner now!Their huge point of differentiation from the other agency I feel is their heart, genuine care and continual support along the way especially in the early stages of our relationship.Thank you girls for all that you do!read more
Kennedy de Rozario
Kennedy de Rozario
01:57 30 Aug 23
My experience with Hytch, specifically Linda’s coaching has been peppered with countless epiphanies. These realizations have reshaped my outlook on dating and relationships.I can confidently say that this journey has been transformative, enlightening and incredibly rewarding.Thank you again!read more
Brooke newson
Brooke newson
11:59 16 Aug 23
I’m so grateful to have come across Linda at Hytch, who was referred to me by a friend who has met their current partner via Linda’s services. She’s the kindest of souls and I’ve been so impressed with the time she’s taken to get to know me and the kind of guy I’m looking to meet. Highly professional, sensitive and has followed through on everything she said she would. Can’t recommend Linda highly enough.read more
Caitlin McKinnon
Caitlin McKinnon
01:21 13 Aug 23
Can’t thank Hytch enough for their work and quality service. Mandy is a professional who is committed to doing her best for clients as she was for me. Such an emotional journey that she takes on for her clients, helping them to find their true match. Thank you every day Mandy.read more
alex m
alex m
21:26 10 Aug 23
I can’t recommend Hytch highly enough. I’ve reached an age where I feel it’s time to slow down and find the right lady. Also I find it hard to meet people who understand my entrepreneurial mindset.Hytch was recommended to me by two different people who had a lot of success with it. I was a bit unsure to start with but honestly had just had enough with dating apps and decided to give the concierge approach a shot. What a good decision that was…My first meeting was with Linda and she was so professional. She also was very perceptive, helping me come to some clarity on what I was really looking for. This alone was already amazing.Then I started to meet some very interesting ladies. The whole way through Linda was proactive in reaching out to understand how I was going. It didn’t take long for me to meet someone very special.It’s still early days but I’m very happy with how my new relationship is going. It was totally worth working with Hytch. I’m super happy with the decision and can’t recommend them highly enough.read more
Justin Brown
Justin Brown
13:22 08 Aug 23
Have been working with Linda over the last 7 months. She has completely changed how I approach dating and it has made my life so much easier. I’ve really appreciated knowing I had Linda and the whole Hytch team behind me.Every match has been really great in their own way. I could tell Linda took onboard my feedback from each match and I loved her constructive feedback as well. It really helped me put things into perspective. With every match, I could see we were getting closer.Now I feel lucky to have met Vanessa. We have such natural chemistry and she is really kind, respectful, intelligent and caring. We’ve messaged each other every day since and I’m really excited for the future.Thank you Linda and Hytch for introducing us and making dating fun again!read more
07:37 07 Aug 23
I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Hytch. Amanda provided exceptional support and guidance throughout the entire process. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.read more
J. O
J. O
14:49 12 Jun 23
A year after my divorce was final, I felt I was ready to date again. Being a private person with a busy schedule and no interest in dating sites, I was referred to Amanda through a friend. Amanda has an incredible gift as a matchmaker; she is perceptive, caring and truly listens to her clientsI have found working with Hytch a successful way to meet interesting, compatible and quality ladies. Working closely with Amanda, following a few introductions she introduced me to a special lady. My life has completely changed!I highly recommend Hytch and thank Amanda for her professional approach to helping me meet my life partner.read more
Dan H
Dan H
03:52 10 Jun 23
I have been assisted by the Hytch team (and Linda in particular) for the last few months. Not only is the service excellent and compassionate, but the matches recommended are very high quality, lovely people, who match me.One of the ladies Hytch matched me with developed into a deeper relationship and although, this may or may not lead to a long-term relationship, Linda patiently assisted me (and my match) greatly with wise, helpful and caring advice along the journey.I also grew a lot personally in this process / journey. I highly recommend this service.read more
07:18 05 May 23
I was referred to Hytch by a close friend who had met his partner through this discreet service. I was hesitant at first as I was not aware of how it worked and how they would find me a compatible lady to share my life with.As a busy businessman, I was attracted to the business model which was described as executive recruitment for my personal relationship. This made sense to my business mind to streamline and outsource this part of my life to the professionals, who have access to an extensive network of eligible women I did not have access to.I have found the entire process to be very professional, thorough and tailored. As I am an analytical person, I was impressed with the level of intuition and experience Amanda used during the matching process, which has led to finding an amazing lady I am very happy with.I highly recommend Hytch without reservation.read more
Mark H
Mark H
09:55 18 Apr 23
I cannot speak highly enough of Linda and the entire team at Hytch. Prior to approaching Hytch, I was getting so disillusioned with dating and unsure if I would ever meet my soulmate. Linda has been extremely supportive and made every step of the process so easy and enjoyable.Thank you so much for introducing me to Sarah!! She is the woman of my dreams and such an amazing, loving and caring person. Sarah and I enjoyed an incredible start to our relationship and are both so grateful to have found our life partner and best friend. I have formally gotten a ring on her finger now and together, we wanted to say thank you so much! You have absolutely changed our lives!!read more
Justin D
Justin D
09:33 12 Apr 23
Highly recommend speaking with Linda at Hytch, her guidance and wisdom has been a godsend after trying to navigate the dating world alone.I put all my trust into Linda and I’m so glad to report that I’m currently in a beautiful, healthy, relationship.Thank you for everything Linda, you’ve changed how I see myself and challenged me to grow so I can REALLY be ready to start a journey with someone else!read more
Telia Richelle
Telia Richelle
05:13 21 Feb 23
Amanda feedback was on point. She was intuitive, professional and honest. I felt like she looked into my soul and saw what was stopping me from being my best self. Amanda thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.read more
Lauren Danker
Lauren Danker
02:00 30 Nov 22
I got that stage in life when I have been single for so long, I had lost confidence in how to deal with a partner..!Linda asked the right questions to make me realise my values and priorities in looking for my match. As a result , I am now more confident in being discerning. Hopefully I will meet my next amazing partner.I would highly recommend Linda as a dating coach.read more
Kanta Vekaria
Kanta Vekaria
10:25 24 Nov 22
Hytch is a genuine and welcoming place to feel comfortable in sharing your needs and dreams for a life partnership. I had the pleasure of working with Mandy and she understood exactly what I wanted; indicative of the lovely person she matched me with. I would highly recommend this more traditional and personal approach.read more
Sarah Hughan
Sarah Hughan
03:56 23 Oct 22

The dating scene is fraught with spent emotions and wasted time along with mostly letdowns! I found the HYTCH experience quite simply the opposite of that.

I am in a loving and committed relationship with a beautiful woman on the inside and out, that has been 12 months and is going strong. Built on the match preferences I had with HYTCH, I have found my partner who is amazing. We are well matched and are building a great relationship together for the future.

I believe the HYTCH process works and is far superior to online dating, combined with the relationship matching skills of HYTCH professionals. 

Definitely recommend.

– F.W

Amanda has been great to work with and extremely professional in her approach. She really listened to and challenged me to achieve the best outcome for me. After a year in a relationship that Amanda facilitated, I can honestly say she has over delivered to any expectations.

Early on in the process, Amanda helped make the dates as comfortable and organic as possible. I am extremely happy in a relationship with an amazing woman that I would have never have met without the help of Amanda.

For anyone who is looking for a meaningful lasting relationship I couldn’t recommend Amanda and the HYTCH team enough.

– B.B

I could not speak highly enough of the way Amanda and HYTCH went about things.

People who know me well say that they have not seen me as happy as I am, since I started dating Sophie.

Sophie and I just seem to have been incredibly well-matched. Whether it be our values and our standards, or our higher than average interest in health and fitness. Or the way we both appreciate a little style, class and grace in the way we present ourselves and go about things. Regardless, of whether we are out with others or it’s just us, we have this wonderful connection and have developed a thoughtfulness and a love for each other.

I am incredibly grateful for the introduction to Sophie, as it has certainly been a wonderful thing for me. Sophie says she feels the same way. We are happily in love with each other and starting to talk more about making some long-term plans together.

– A.M

It has been a real privilege to work with Linda and her team. Linda has a considerable amount of knowledge on relationships and personalities. All the way from understanding attachment styles through to connection.

Relationships can be hard and dating apps don’t help you understand who you really are meeting and spending time with. HYTCH really do understand you as a person and make sure your matches are best suited to you and who you are looking for.

So much better than flicking through profiles on an app!

– C.H

Great to see a service catering to professionals looking for real long term relationships. I had a very pleasant experience with Amanda who helped me realise what I needed versus what I wanted was different, then put me in touch with lovely educated ladies.

It was great to have a coach and confidant to search for and screen potential matches for me as I am a busy professional.

I’m very happy with the lady I have been matched with and am looking forward the future together.

– R.P

Following a year of disappointing online dating, I am beyond grateful to have been introduced to the man of my dreams.

It was no surprise we developed chemistry, as along with everything Amanda felt about matching us, we similarly embodied as individuals. In the initial month of dating, Amanda also helped guide me through some feelings and situations I was experiencing at the time – which was above and beyond her role!

My partner and I are so excited for our future together, and agree we would never have met without HYTCH.

– D.W

I was so excited to discover HYTCH because I was looking for an upmarket service in Perth and HYTCH was clearly not your regular dating site.

Fronted by two stunning, professional women, HYTCH offered private introductions to qualified, professional men who were looking for long term relationships as was I.

I was so excited when they told me the streamlined process to find my perfect match then delivered in just 3 weeks.

The man they introduced me to is everything I was looking for and so much more. It’s only been a while but I can honestly say I am madly, deeply, passionately in love with him… already!!

I highly recommend a meeting with Amanda and Linda, they are exceptional at what they do.  They offer a service that is intuitive and sensitive to your situation and I felt I could fully confide in them in a completely confidential and relaxed environment.

– A.T

Success! It only took one match for me to find a real connection with someone that Amanda set me up with. She took the time to understand my interests and values through a comfortable interview.

I was matched with an emotionally mature, intelligent gentleman and looking forward to sharing new adventures with him.

It was a highly customised experience, which I have recommended to my friends.

– G.L

After being away from dating services for a long time and not wanting to participate in an online dating service, I looked for a more sophisticated and discreet option. From the moment I met both Amanda and Linda I was really impressed by their professional, caring and understanding approach. The in-depth interview and questionnaire really helps you to reflect and clearly understand what it is that you are looking for in a relationship.

The follow up pre and post dates are really valuable, especially the feedback form after the first date that both people complete, so you know straight away if there is compatibility and chemistry.

Through Amanda’s amazing matchmaking skills I have now started dating a wonderful man and am enjoying a lovely romance.

– T.M

Amanda and HYTCH have provided a value add service for me in meeting a potential new partner.

HYTCH has provided a solution for me, given am time poor, dislike dating sites and live in a narrow social circle. Critically for me, she has focused on the right personality and emotional traits that exist between two people, which has led to meaningful introductions.

Amanda really understands the dynamics of relationships and takes me out of the dating zoo.

I highly recommend HYTCH if you are looking to save time and emotional energy in the dating process.

– D.S

My experience to date with Hytch has been nothing but positive. I’ve been matched with several ladies so far and all have been high calibre women with plenty to offer.

Linda has spent time getting to know me and has both listened to and acted on my preferences. I’ve found this to be a far easier and satisfactory experience than any internet dating site.

I highly recommend HYTCH to anyone looking for personalised service to meet your perfect match.

– V.H

My experience with HYTCH Matchmakers has been overwhelmingly positive in every respect. My initial interview with Amanda was easy, professional and thorough. It was conducted in a casual atmosphere but it was obvious from the start that this was an important aspect of the process, enabling the team to assess people with complementary characteristics. It was probing yet non-invasive.

The process of co-ordinating a dinner with the gentleman Amanda chose was also seamless and highly organised. I felt safe at all times as HYTCH appear to take background checking seriously and I was treated with respect at all times.

Thanks Amanda.

– S.B

My experience with Linda of HYTCH was very impressive.

She listens and assesses her client’s profile in great detail bringing a new style to matchmaking. I found her both instinctive and intuitive, enabling the closest match likely, which undoubtedly offers the best chance of a successful match.

As part of their personal dating service, Linda also focuses on ensuring that both parties are “relationship ready” which is a necessity for a good result.

Thank you Linda.

– N.D

Linda is an amazing and professional dating expert. She interviews every single potential match to learn about what we want in a partner and future relationship.

The matches I met have all been kind, polite, affluent gentleman and well suited to what I am looking for in a man and partner.

I am impressed with the matching process; every step of which was smooth and very professional.

I would highly recommend Linda and the HYTCH team to handle and streamline your dating process.

– O.A

Linda is a shining star in the dating world. She has helped me to build confidence in knowing the type of person I want to date and how to make the date happen! This makes dating fun and exciting.

HYTCH offers a heartwarming and empowering service and has an authentic commitment to their clients’ success.

– E.K

I write this with a sincere sense of warmth and gratitude for your interest in helping me.

You are an open, honest and delightful character Amanda and I understand why you are succeeding in supporting so many people find love.

I trust your integrity, your professionalism and your commitment without any doubts.

Thank you for taking so much time with me to help me find love again.

– S.D


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