couple singing karaoke with their friends

Running Out Of Date Ideas? Ten Different Date Night Ideas in Perth

There is a special thrill when you discover that you really ‘click’ with someone. When you are all smiles and have butterflies in your stomach, it is hard to imagine feeling stuck in a rut with your significant other. 

Running Out Of Date Ideas? Ten Different Date Night Ideas in Perth 

Key takeaways: 10 Different Date Ideas 

  1. Helicopter Ride  
  2. Hot Air Balloon  
  3. Sunset Picnic  
  4. Dining on a Yacht  
  5. Escape Room  
  6. Hotel Saty  
  7. Comedy Show  
  8. Spa Night  
  9. Hire a Private Chef 
  10. Sing Karaoke  

couple singing karaoke with their friends


Experiencing a lull in enthusiasm does not mean your relationship is in trouble. You need to change things up a bit. Here are ten fun date night ideas you and your partner can try. If you cannot decide which to do first, jot them down and draw randomly to see which you will try. 


Date idea 1: Helicopter Ride  

Enjoying the views from above while spending time with one and other can create a date night you’ll never forget. This date idea is not only spontaneous but will definitely catch your partner by surprise, leaving them with an experience they will cherish.  

Many locations in the Perth area helicopter experiences. Each experience will provide a different service and will be based in a different location of Perth, so you may want to consider a few before committing to one.  


Date idea 2: Hot Air Balloon Picnic 

A hot air balloon ride is another way to separate yourself from the rest! It’s seen as extremely unique and romantic date idea. If you’re looking for an adventurous and romantic date, then a hot air balloon ride is definitely a great idea for you. Although it is important to dress comfortably, you can also dress classy… It’s a great idea to bring a camera to capture the stunning views. 

Hot air balloon rides are weather permitting, so checking the forecast before you go is essential. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience! 


Date idea 3: Sunset Dates at Perth’s Amazing Beaches  

The coastline near Perth is full of spectacular beaches, providing everything you need to have an incredible beach day. As evening rolls around, there are few things as romantic and memorable as settling in a picturesque location to enjoy some of the most gorgeous sunsets anywhere. Pack a picnic hamper with treats and wine for added romantic appeal, and bring along a cosy beach blanket,too.        


couple on a date in a hot air balloon


Date idea 4: Dining on a Yacht 

Hire a luxury yacht, sailing the beautiful Swan River or make your way to Rottnest Island. This is the perfect opportunity to get intimate and really get to know each other, whilst having a date to remember. You can even up the quality of the date by adding a private chef or some entertainment!  


Date idea 5: Escape Room  

Test your deductive reasoning skills and see how well your partner works with you by finding your way out of an escape room. You will spend your time working out clues and learning from (and about) each other in an entertaining and immersive environment. You can find a number of escape rooms with various themes in and around Perth. 


Date idea 6: Hotel Stay 

Perth has some incredible, luxury hotels with some amazing restaurants. If you’re looking to impress your date, this is a great date night. Places such as the Crown Perth or The Ritz-Carlton are considered some of the best hotels in Australia. Both placed in terrific locations with amazing surroundings to enhance your date night.  


Date idea 7: Comedy Show  

Enjoying an evening out and getting the benefit of stress-relieving laughter will lighten anyone’s mood. Comedy shows are a great way to relax and look at the world from another angle. Whether it is your first or fifty-first date, this is a perfect way to enjoy time with your significant other. 

couple enjoying breakfast in bed with a glass of champagne

Date idea 8: Spa Night  

Revelling in pure comfort is a delightful way to spend an evening, but it is an unmistakable touch of sheer indulgence and romance when shared with your romantic partner. A sweet twist on the spa night idea would be you setting up a spa in your home and doting on your partner for the evening. You do not need a massotherapy degree to give a relaxing massage, draw a bubble bath and share decadent treats and your favourite wine. 


Date idea 9: Hire a private chef  

Bringing in a private chef to prepare your meal is a fantastic way to spoil your partner and cater to their wishes. Setting the stage with flowers and lovely place settings is also an ideal way to show your heart. 


Date idea 10: Sing Karaoke  

Singing with your special person can be an excellent way to let your guard down and live in the moment. Pick a song that matches your mood. It can be funny, rowdy, or romantic. Then, hit the stage and steal the show. 


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