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20 Dating Terms You Should Know in 2024 

There have always been slang dating terms used to describe activities and relationships. Phrases like the little black book, parking, or rounding the bases were crystal clear to the generations that coined and used them. Dating in 2024 has a host of modern dating terms that can keep you guessing unless you do some research. To help clarify and improve your conversations, here are 20 dating terms in 2024 explained.  

Dating Terms Explained 

1. Breadcrumbing- You are breadcrumbing someone if you leave a trail of flirtatious messages and drop hints that you may want a relationship with them. You are not making overt commitments but offer just enough encouragement to keep the person interested in you. However, you secretly have no intention of being in a relationship and just want this person to boost your ego. 

2. Catfishing- This happens when you pretend to be someone else online when interacting with potential partners.  

3. Comet Partner- When a person in your dating life drops in for an occasional hookup or date, but they are not part of your day-to-day life. Often, comet partners live in different geographical areas and see each other a few times a year. 

4. Cuffing Season- This is the period of time leading up to the colder months of the year when singles want someone to be close to as winter arrives. Many relationships formed in cuffing season will end as the warmth of spring begins to draw people outside again.

5. Cushioning- Staying in contact with one or more potential partners even though you are in a relationship. The idea is to have a possible partner(s) as the cushion in case the relationship fails. Typically, the cushion gets text messages or DMs but not actual dates, so you can claim it is technically not cheating.  

6. DTR Conversation or DTR- The acronym stands for Defining The Relationship, making this an important moment in a modern dating relationship. You and your dating partner are discussing if you are an exclusive couple, friends with benefits, or something else. Timing is the tricky part of a DTR. If you bring it up too early in a relationship, the other person may be frightened away. If you wait too long for a DTR conversation, your partner may assume it is a casual relationship and already be dating others.

7. Eclipsing- The act of eclipsing is not new. It occurs when you are in a relationship and begin to enjoy all of the same interests and activities as your partner. The fondness for these activities is not genuine but is meant to solidify the relationship. This action eclipses your own hobbies and interests.  

8. Freckling- The opposite of cuffing, freckling gets its name from the marks that appear on fair skin when the weather is sunny. In this case, you enjoy your partner in the spring and summer months but end things when autumn approaches.

9. Kittenfishing- This happens when you show yourself in an unrealistically positive light on social media. Unlike catfishing, where you take on a different persona, you embellish achievements, manipulate photos, and create a misleading image. 

10. Love Bombing- Smothering your partner with love, affection, and attention in order to cut them off from their friends and family is love bombing. Often, the partner receiving all the care finds it enjoyable for a time. Eventually, it can be seen for the manipulation it is. 

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11. Microcheating- The term means you are heavily flirting and sharing emotional intimacy with someone other than your partner. Microcheating stops short of a physical affair, and those engaged in it use that to excuse their secretive relationship. 

12. Orbiting- If you are still interacting with a person on social media after being clear about not wanting a relationship, you are orbiting them. Generally, it is harmless but can lead to breadcrumbing. 

 13. Pink Flag- This is a sign that the person you are with has some distinct quirks or unusual behaviours worth your attention. A pink flag is not necessarily a sign of trouble unless you are bothered by the behaviour.  

 14. Phubbing- When you are out with someone and spend most of your time on your phone texting, messaging, or scrolling through social media. The term’s origin is a combination of your phone for snubbing someone.  

 15. Red Flag- A bit more severe than a pink flag, red flags are signs that you should not continue to pursue the relationship. These may vary from person to person, but discovering a pattern of dishonesty or abusive language are two examples of red flags. 

 16. Roaching- This unsavoury dating trend occurs when you secretly see one or more people besides your partner. When confronted, roachers will use the excuse that they were not aware the relationship was monogamous.  

 17. Situationship- A term used to describe a complicated relationship. It involves a sexual relationship that has some meaning to the partners but is not committed or serious. 

 18. Textlationship- When two people have a relationship that never occurs in person. The entire relationship exists through texts or messages. 

 19. Wifed Up- When you are involved in a relationship and so deeply attached to your partner, all other relationships fall by the wayside. 

 20. Zombieing- When a partner disappears from your life for weeks or months, then suddenly drops back into your life as if nothing has happened, you are being zombied.  

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