While it's natural to want to present your best self online, there's a fine line between showcasing your strengths and being disingenuous.

Digital Footprints Effects on Dating Show Your Best Online Self

Most social media users have had the experience of inadvertently making posts that were embarrassing, misleading, or showing them in uncomfortable circumstances. There is usually a great sense of relief after removing the post since the offending material is gone.

Even after you delete something on social media (or other online sites), the content, though no longer visible, still exists. And anyone with a bit of know-how can easily find your information and follow your digital footprints. Essentially, this means there is no total privacy online for anyone.


Growth of Social Media and Dating

Social media has a massive impact on Australians and has a pivotal role in people’s lives. This is understandable given the fact that 81 per cent of the population (21.30 million people) are active social media users. While the favoured platforms change, this does not diminish attachment to the internet or its usefulness in facilitating relationships. In addition to bringing strangers together, social media has had a hand in reuniting people from past relationships.

As social media platforms grow more prominent and new ones pop up out of nowhere, many singles choose to explore the ever-growing world of online dating sites. According to recent surveys, online dating apps and matchmaking services are the most common way couples meet. While no verifiable precise count exists, more than three million Aussies use online dating. This number is projected to grow over time. Many Australian singles say they are too busy to date the traditional way and turn to services to sift out potential partners seen as not compatible.

Being transparent about who you are online can foster trust in potential partners.


What is a Digital Footprint, and How Does it Affect Dating?

A digital footprint is the collection of data you leave behind after your online activities, engagements, and behaviour. The information may be greater than many people think. A few examples of what can be compiled in your digital footprint include:

  • Social media posts you make
  • Your photos
  • Your likes
  • Your comments
  • A search history
  • Social media posts or pictures others make about you
  • Online purchases and browsing
  • Personal information that is not secured
  • Digital documentation of your offline activities
  • The websites you visit

All of this information is stored online and is essentially there for the taking with a simple use of a search engine and a bit of time.

Your digital footprint can affect your dating based on the content you share, the posts you like, comments on other posts, photos, and your interactions on social media.

For example, on your dating profile, you describe yourself as an introverted person who loves reading and quiet evenings at home. When (not if) a potential partner looks at your social media, sees you are tagged at rock concerts, and finds photos of you at wild parties, your description of yourself and the face you show to the world do not match. The person will believe you are untruthful and not pursue a relationship with you.

Additionally, suppose you are beginning a relationship, and the other person sees many interactions that seem flirtatious or images that seem intimate. In that case, their trust in you may break.

Remembering that your social media and online activity show your character is vital. If you post, like, share or comment, think about what it will say about you. The same is true about the groups you join and your interactions with others.

Your digital footprint can reveal your interests, hobbies, and values, which can be important factors in finding compatible partners.


Five Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Digital Footprint

You can actively build and maintain a positive online presence. Doing so is essential for dating as well as employment and future education.


1. Search Yourself Online

The best way to determine how you appear online is to take a long look. Make notes of anything that needs deleting or repairing. Additionally, you can set Google alerts to notify you if your name pops up online.


2. Manage Your Privacy Settings

Limit who can see your profile, especially if you are starting to repair it. Review your settings regularly to ensure nothing has changed.


3. Look Up Your Old Accounts

The ancient MySpace account can still impact your digital footprint even if you have not thought about it for ages. The same is true for other unused accounts and email addresses. Keeping your digital footprint tidy will be easier with fewer accounts.


4. Paint Yourself in a Positive Light

You can mention your achievements or goals, but avoid bragging. Also, give credit to those who have helped you. Ensure you are genuine and 100 per cent factual. If you rescued a puppy from a busy street corner, do not make it sound like you dodged six traffic lanes to save it.


5. Keep Your Profiles Up to Date

Current images and posts will give a better sense of who you are now, not who you were in 2017. Remove any unflattering content from your past, and let the present speak for you. Additionally, cultivate profiles on your social media and networking sites regarding your profession or other civic interests.

Digital footprints can have significant effects on dating, as they often serve as a window into your personality, interests, and lifestyle.


Positive Effects of Having a Good Digital Footprint

  • Opening doors to meaningful relationships.
  • Building you in the eyes of colleagues and potential employers.
  • Increase employment opportunities.
  • Build connections with those in the same field.
  • Peace of mind knowing your digital footprint represents you accurately.

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