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Dating and Mental Health: Importance of Emotional Well-being in Relationships 

As humans, our connectivity and emotional relationships are vital to our well-being. Each of us gains critical components necessary for leading our best life when we are engaged with others. The relationship type can vary and may include friendship, family ties, or romantic relationships. 

Not only does emotional connection stave off depression and anxiety, but studies show improved self-esteem, an overall increase in positivity, and stress reduction. 

How does Mental Health Effect Relationships? 

Key Summary: Humans have innate needs for emotional connection, and a dating relationship is one of several ways to achieve this.Positive relationships benefit your mental well-being as well as your physical health.Meaningful relationships help you to become the best version of yourself. Toxic relationships can harm your mental health if not addressed correctly. We suggest seeking professional help if you believe your relationship is negatively effecting your overall health.


Mental Health Effects on Dating  

A recent global interest in mental health has made discussing and seeking treatment more common. Mental health touches every aspect of our lives, including dating and relationships. This offers both opportunities and strains. 

Those who enjoy positive mental health are often able to model constructive behaviours and be empathetic to those who struggle with mental well-being. 

  Partners battling mental health issues may be reluctant to open up about them. This often results in communication breakdowns, substance abuse, and troubling unexplained behaviours taking a toll on the relationship. There can be a strong temptation to sweep things under the rug and continue as if all was well. However, unaddressed issues will grow and morph into more significant and complicated problems. These could create irreparable cracks in the relationship as arguments increase and intimacy decreases. 

happy couple holding each other smiling

Are Dating Apps Bad for Mental Health? 

Dating apps have been a popular way for singles to attempt to meet their perfect match for over a decade. Many of us can name a few couples who stayed together after meeting on an app. However, for every success, there are scores of others who emerged from the dating app scene emotionally battered by the experience. 

A variety of studies show a correlation between dating app use and damage to users’ mental health. Only 28% of users report feeling hopeful after using dating apps. Others report negative impacts that include, 

  • Increased feelings of low self-esteem 
  • A greater sense of loneliness and isolation 
  • Feelings of being isolated or excluded from the world 
  • There is a sense of rejection, particularly in those who often experience feelings of being ignored, as roughly 50% of matches do not respond. 
  • Greater instances of depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts 



How Positive Relationships Influence Your Well-Being 

There are a number of well-documented studies that demonstrate the various ways positive relationships influence your well-being. These include, 

  • Positive relationships decrease loneliness and the ill effects it brings- When a person is struggling with loneliness, several negative factors are also impactful. 
  • Elevated blood pressure 
  • Poor sleep patterns 
  • Increase in the stress-hormone cortisol 
  • Damage your immune system 
  • Increases risks of depression, anti-social behaviour, and suicide 
  • Healthy relationships lower the instances of dementia. 
  • Those with positive relationships have greater self-esteem, tend to be more outgoing, and are more self-sufficient. 
  • People in positive relationships take more interest in their health, engage in less risk-taking behaviours, and practise better self-care than those not in a positive relationship. 
  • Those in positive relationships usually attract people. This begins a positive cycle that carries good feelings into the lives of many. 


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How Can Matchmakers Help Manage Your Mental Health and Well-Being in a Relationship?  

Our in-depth and highly individualised methods of helping clients find prospective matches are inherently designed to help maintain your mental health while dating. Reducing the stress of meeting a new person for a date can help your well-being tremendously. 

Because the focus is always on clients’ individuality, you can relax knowing your matches have substance. Our matches go much deeper than surface “interests”, such as enjoying the outdoors or cooking. We position you for successful matches by exploring and understanding what makes our clients tick. 

By never putting you in a questionable situation, your dates are enjoyable and spontaneous. You will meet people who share values and interests and sincerely seek a relationship. The games plaguing dating in the digital world are not part of our matchmaking services. This takes away a great deal of anxiety during the process. 


Hytch Private Search: Excellence in Matchmaking  

The dating world is complex and can be confusing, as well. Struggling to find someone who has genuine potential for a healthy relationship can take time and can take a toll on your mental health.  

With assistance from our experts, relationship well-being and its positive impacts are achievable. At Hytch, we use our knowledge and skills to help you discover meaningful connections without sacrificing your values or wasting your time. Work with us to find the love and relationship that is right for you, open yourself up to the possibilities awaiting you around the next corner.