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How to be More Attractive to Women – 10 Tips on How To Increase Attraction

Want to know how to attract women? It’s not just about your looks. Looks have very little to do with attraction. Many times, we find ourselves attracted to someone based on their overall personality, passion, confidence, and physical traits.

Read on to learn our best tips on how to look more attractive – many of which are scientifically proven – and why attraction is about far more than looks.

10 Tips on How To Become More Attractive

Here are 10 tips on how to increase attraction and find your perfect match.

1. Understand the Power of Body Language

Are you accidentally making yourself look closed off and uninterested? Body language plays a huge role in how to attract women – even science says so. Before you even talk to your date, she has likely already formed an opinion of you based on your posture, how you move, and your gestures.

If you want to become more attractive, pay attention to your body language. Are you displaying open, commanding, confident body language? Or are you presenting yourself in a way that makes you look insecure, uninterested, and closed off?

Here are tips on using body language to become more attractive.

  • Keep your hands in view and relaxed (studies show that keeping your hands in your pockets, clenched, under the table, or in your lap can decrease your attractiveness and even make you appear angry or untrustworthy)
    Avoid crossing your arms or legs
  • Lean slightly into your date (this is a great nonverbal way to show you are interested in her)
  • Do not clutch a drink in front of you (this can act as a barrier and cause your date to feel blocked out)
  • Do not check your phone in front of your chest (better yet, keep your phone off and entirely out of view for the duration of your date)
  • Keep your chin up to appear more confident
  • Stand up straight with good posture to appear more self-assured
  • Keep your shoulders and feet pointed toward her to indicate your interest and attraction to her

2. Use Your Eyes

Eye contact is a powerful way to increase attraction and show your interest in your date. It’s such a powerful action that science shows eye gazing causes a physical response.

Eye gazing does this by increasing levels of oxytocin, the love hormone.

*However, no matter what, avoid staring too much. Too much eye contact can come off as downright creepy, overwhelming, and awkward to your date.*

3. Claim Space

Imagine an attractive person. Are they standing tall and confident or are they shying away from attention with slightly slouched shoulders? Claiming space and owning the space around you comes off as confident and attractive.

As a successful individual, work on claiming space around you and owning your confidence. Try claiming space to look more attractive by:

  • Widening your legs
  • Resting your arms on the armrests
  • Keeping your shoulders open
  • Maintaining good posture
  • Standing or sitting up straight
  • Placing your belongings on objects around you to claim your space

4. Use Mirroring Body Language

Another way to look more attractive to women? Using mirroring body language. This is when you use subtle movements to copy the body language of your date.

We often do this subconsciously if we are attracted to a person, but you can pay attention and use subtle movements to mirror your date’s body language if you like her.

For example, if your date leans back on the wall, you can lean back too.

5. Stand Out

Being interesting and unique can make you more attractive.

What makes you interesting, intriguing, engaging, and unique? Think about what sets you apart from the crowd and makes you different. The very thing that makes you feel like you ‘don’t fit in with the crowd’ may be the exact thing that makes you attractive, memorable, and interesting to your date.

Whether it’s an obsession with a cheesy reality show or way too much knowledge about a particular subject, don’t be afraid to share your quirks. Hiding your true interests to avoid being deemed “different” or “weird’ is dull, boring, and unattractive.

Being interesting and unique can make you more attractive.

6. Look Your Best

Looks aren’t the only way to be more attractive, but there is no denying that they do matter. An unclean appearance can be a deal breaker.

Rather than focusing on things, you can’t change – your height, your hairline, whether you can or can’t grow a beard – improve and maintain what you can (think grooming habits, your career, your wardrobe, your fitness level).

Men who take care of themselves are attractive since it subconsciously suggests that you will take good care of a woman as well. Good grooming habits also suggest success and good health.

To look more attractive:

  • Find a workout you enjoy and do it several times a week
  • Keep your breath fresh
  • Keep your fingernails trimmed and neat
  • Find how your hair looks best
  • Avoid wearing too much cologne
  • Dress neat and clean – no need to wear a suit, but make sure to clean your shoes, run a lint roller over your pants, and iron your shirt

If you are sure how you should be dressing and presenting yourself, connect with one of our lifestyle consultants and check out our blog on What To Wear on a First Date.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Break the Touch Barrier

It can be daunting to break the touch barrier with your date, but the right tips can make it easier – and natural instead of awkward.

Try these tips on how to touch a woman to increase attraction:

  • Put your hand on the small other back to gently guide her as you are moving toward a door
  • Reach out and briefly touch her hand or shoulder during the conversation
  • Rest your hand briefly on her knee
  • Move strands of hair out of her face
  • Hold her hand
  • Offer her a bite of your food
  • Touch her arm if you are asking her to dance

*Note* When touching your date, take it slow and always be sure to gauge her interest. If you are feeling a connection and the date is going well, go for it. If she is exhibiting body language that is closed off (clutching her purse to her chest, holding a drink in front of her, etc.), take it slow or avoid touching it for now.

You only want to touch a date if she welcomes it. If you initiate a touch and she appears closed off or uncomfortable, respect her space and comfort level and give her a chance to make contact when she feels at ease.

8. Be a Good Listener

Don’t underestimate the power of listening when it comes to how to increase attraction. Studies prove that women are attracted to men who are good listeners.

Show your date you are actively listening by bringing up details of an earlier conversation, repeating something she said, and asking about her life with genuine interest. Ask your date about her upbringing, friendships, hobbies, and career, and make sure to pay attention and remember what she is talking about.

9. Share Your Passions

Whether you are obsessed with travelling, reading, cooking, playing an instrument, or fixing cars, having a passion can be extremely attractive.

If you have a genuine interest in something, it will naturally come up in conversation and your date will naturally pick up on your enthusiasm for it. Be sure to pay attention to discover your date’s passions as well.

10. Show Emotional Availability

Simply showing up for the date isn’t enough. It is important to convey emotional availability if you want to be attractive to your date.

Show your date you want to talk to, connect with her, and start a relationship. Don’t rely solely on nonverbal cues as these may not be enough to make your availability clear.

To display emotional availability, be sure to:

  • Freely discuss personal subjects
  • Ask your date what kind of relationship she is looking for
  • Make it clear you are ready for a long-term, meaningful connection

Show your date you want to talk to, connect with her, and start a relationship.

Looking for More Tips on Dating and How To Increase Attraction?

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