Chemistry can fade over time, but compatibility is something which has to be permanent.

Chemistry Vs Compatibility – What Is More Important?

We need both chemistry and compatibility. But compatibility is often overlooked when you feel chemistry with someone. You can feel chemistry with different people, but compatibility, understanding each other’s emotions, learning to read each other’s behaviour’s, the ability to recognize the other person’s needs, are special and rare.



Chemistry is the seemingly inexplicable connection between two people — in physical proximity. With high-level chemistry, all of your senses conspire to make you like the person next to you — you like what you see, what you hear, what you touch, what you smell, what you taste. Each sense gives you even stronger feedback, creating a loop of infatuation, a sense of destiny, lust and love.

Chemistry is the pull of the opposites and it can be surprising and unexpected. A high degree of chemistry often results in intense sex — with a roller coaster of emotions and sensations that will leave you breathless and awestruck. Rushing pulses, pounding hearts, a surreal passion that will make you come back for more, always more. Reason surrenders and time stands still — for a little while.

Chemistry in relationships is simply what happen when you initially see someone and feel a type of way.



Compatibility is about similarities, believing in the same values, sharing a similar lifestyle. Compatibility is about the core notions that matter in life, reflecting the long-term potential of two people. It is about beliefs, preferences and flexibility. It’s not about social status, race or religion, but the approach as you see life as a whole.

Compatibility is necessary for general lifestyle, belief systems, thoughts about the future, ambition, ethics, finances and sexuality. If you are a hardworking, ambitious person, you won’t be compatible with someone who doesn’t share your work ethic and doesn’t have plans in their life. If you have a low libido in general, you won’t last too long with someone who has extra high expectations in the frequency of sex. Someone will need to compromise their needs and that will lead to an eventual fall-out.

Compatibility means having common belief system, principles in life at a basic level.


Chemistry/Compatibility Matrix

Knowing where you fall on the chemistry/compatibility matrix in your relationship is crucial to see where areas of improvement are — or if there are any. It is easier to align values than to manufacture a non-existent spark, but it’s useful to consider whether it is worth it and possible at all. Before getting emotionally — or otherwise — too invested, it’s important to see if you are cut out for a long-term relationship or not.

On the other hand, understanding chemistry and compatibility can also help you figure out what you want. Think back on your previous relationships, crushes and infatuations. Think about what worked and what didn’t. What are you always attracted to and what has not worked for you. If you value intellect and long, deep conversations, no matter how great the chemistry you have with your new crush is, if they are into less intellectual things in general without any sign of wanting to get to your level of expectations, it won’t work out, no matter how much you love each other.

When looking at a potential partner for a relationship it is important to consider whether or not this person is compatible with you.

If you find you have more chemistry than compatibility, it is best to let the person go and continue looking for someone truly compatible with you. The good news is they can exist together with the right person.

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