Valentine's Day.

A Matchmaker’s Guide To Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular, commercialised days of the year, making it hard to ignore if you are single. As matchmakers, we are all about love — in all its forms. This means enjoying Valentine’s Day, regardless of your relationship status.

We’ve gathered our 10 best tips on being content, fulfilled, and happy on Valentine’s Day and ideas for celebrating love in all its forms.


10 Fun Things To Do If You Are Single on Valentines Day

Forget the idea you need a partner on Valentine’s Day or that you can’t celebrate other forms of love. Here are the 10 best things to do single on Valentines Day.


1. Celebrate the People You Love

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a special day for couple’s, but how about focusing on all the love in your life. Make it a day to reach out to friends and family whom you are thankful to have in your life. It’s a great chance to remind the people you love you cherish them and are grateful to spend time with them.


2. Celebrate With Friends

Get a group of friends together and turn Valentine’s Day into an opportunity to have fun, get drinks and dinner, and celebrate love and friendship. You could also host a dinner for your singles friends on Valentine’s Day to include those singles who may otherwise feel lonely.


3. Embrace Single Life

Being single comes with the freedom to focus on yourself, go anywhere you want to go, and enjoy life as you please. It is important to know you are not defined by having a romantic partner or not having one.

Until you find someone special, focus on enjoying being an individual who has space in their heart and love to give when the right partner comes along. Until then, embrace the freedom and positive aspects of being single.


4. Work On Your Goals and Becoming Your Best Self

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful chance to work toward your goals. Trying to get fitter and stronger? How about going to the gym or trying a new healthy recipe. Trying to get a promotion at work? How about strategising your next steps to get there. Take this day to show yourself some love by working toward becoming your best self.


5. Make It A Day To Give Back To Your Community

Share love on Valentine’s Day with those in need in your community. It will help ground you, fulfil you, and brighten someone else’s day. Find a local charity in need of help, assist an elderly neighbour with errands or housework, or do something special for a friend.

Celebrating with friends on Valentine's Day.


6. Take a New Class

Is there a new fitness class you’ve been wanting to try? A new cooking class or art class? This is the perfect time to do it. Exploring something new is a great way to learn more about yourself, learn a new skill, and — bonus — connect with new friends and maybe even meet a potential partner.


7. Go About Your Regular Day

Another approach to enjoying Valentine’s Day is simply waking up and going about your usual routine. There is no need to make the day into something special if you aren’t interested in celebrating it or acknowledging it.


8. Take the Day Off From Social Media

Taking regular breaks from social media is a good idea in general, but it can be especially important on Valentine’s Day. If you are struggling or feeling lonely, skip scrolling past all the pictures of couples celebrating Valentine’s.

Spend this time doing something fun, watching your favourite comedy, trying something new, or hanging out with friends instead. Or, look through your photos and enjoy memories of some of your favourite times you’ve had with friends and family.


9. Do Things Couples Would Do

Who says you need a partner to go out to eat, see a movie, go to a museum, or do any activities you enjoy? Go out and have fun — no partner needed. Solo activities are an amazing chance to connect with yourself. Forget the idea you need a partner to be happy and get out there and enjoy yourself.


10. If You Are Ready for a Relationship, Be Proactive in Finding a Partner

You can enjoy being single whilst also being open to a new relationship. If you are ready to find a committed, genuine, fulfilling relationship but just haven’t found the right partner yet, a skilled matchmaker may be able to help you. Just as athletes sometimes seek out a professional coach to improve their skills or chances at winning a match or title, singles looking for the best chance at love may want to work with an expert matchmaker.

Aside from seeking the help of a matchmaker, consider your hobbies and pastimes. Do you regularly put yourself in situations where it is possible to meet a partner? Do you enjoy coffee at a local coffee shop once a week rather than sipping it at home? Do you go to local events or stay home? Try putting yourself out there more and opening up the possibility of connecting with more people. Networking and socialising are some of the best ways to find a genuine connection with a partner when you least expect it.

Single on Valentine's Day.


Are You Ready To Meet the Love of Your Life?

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