Top 5 Reasons Women Become A Candidate

Top 5 Reasons Women Become A Candidate

These are the top 5 reasons women have expressed to us as to why they come to HYTCH:

1. Quality men: There are now countless apps on which to try to find a partner. We hear frequent complaints regarding the large number of time wasters, men who just want to pass time on the apps or have some fun. It can be hard to decipher what someone’s intentions are.
Men who come to HYTCH are all genuine about finding a meaningful relationship and value equal partnerships.

2. Safety: A frequent concern that women voice is safety. On the apps, they really don’t know who they are meeting and they have not been vetted by a third party.

3. Privacy: Screenshots, shared networks and word gets around when you are on the apps. Your personal information becomes public.
All our members sign confidentiality agreements and all personal information remains strictly confidential, used for the sole purposes of matching.

4. Screening: Women often find themselves inundated with messages on the apps; the same small talk, sexual innuendos, unsolicited


pics…screening for quality men is extremely time consuming. HYTCH takes care of that for you. Matches are highly personalised and based on areas of compatibility and shared values.

5. Expanded network: Perth has the reputation of being quite ‘cliquey’. As we get older, our circles get smaller. HYTCH seeks to remedy that and create an exclusive network of individuals, all supportive of each other’s journeys to find love


If this resonates with you, enquire now or email for a confidential chat to learn how HYTCH can help you find your Perfect Match.