“Every love story begins with you. Our tailored one-on-one coaching is focused on inspiring you to feel your best, open your heart to love, attract and maintain healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships.”

Amanda Harrigan, Co-founder


Life is about love and relationships. There is a direct correlation between the quality of the relationship you have with yourself and the relationship you have with others. So we must start from the inside out as the most important relationship we have, is with ourselves.

Our vision is to ensure that where there has been an unbalanced investment in time to achieve success in another area of life, we can teach people how to readjust so as to not sacrifice having healthy, fulfilling and balanced relationships.


The HYTCH mission in coaching is to utilise the knowledge and education we have gained through our experiences and help you overcome your
past, present and future challenges.

Coaching is ideal for you if you are:

●      Ready for a new approach to creating the love life you desire
●      Committed to maximising your success in your matchmaking journey
●      Looking for guidance and support in beginning a new chapter in your life
●      Wanting to let go of the past and open yourself up to a new relationship

It is a transformational journey that we look forward to embarking on with you.