The Relationship Blueprint is an one on one intensive session that explores everything from why you are attracted to what you are currently attracted to, your internal parameters for assessing long term compatibility, the potential fallacies there and establishing what you truly need from an emotional partner (and why) etc. We make sure your internal compass is facing the right direction.

It is extremely in-depth and enlightening because like with everything else in life, without the blueprint drawn out, it is rare for things to pan out in accordance to our expectations (and if they do, it may be curiouser still why we are not feeling fulfilled in our partnerships).

Man receiving relationship coaching

We have titled the session a Blueprint because without it, we cannot question why the house didn’t turn out as we had hoped especially when the picture was a bit hazy to begin with. When you go to build a house, you engage an architect because they have the expertise to be able to advise if some of the elements you want in your house is architecturally sound/ the costs and variables to consider/ provide suggestions that may turn out even better than you could have imagined.

This is what we aim to achieve in our Blueprint sessions with regards to your personal life!


The relationship blueprint is a great and intense, one on one relationship coaching session which offers long term benefits for you, and your relationships. What’s included in the relationship blueprint?

  • The private and confidential session runs for approximately 90 minutes
  • Available for in office or Zoom session

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