“Become what you wish to attract, attract what you become.”


HYTCH prides in providing a holistic solution to members seeking to capitalise on the most important asset: themselves. 

We are the only agency in Perth to partner with top stylists, groomers, personal trainers and nutritionists in order to support every aspect of our client’s journey in finding love. Our exclusive lifestyle program is also inclusive of expert relationship coaching to provide you with the tools you will need to feel your best and serve as a platform for healthy relationships going forward. 

The HYTCH Lifestyle Consulting process will have you living healthier, happier and absolutely ready to meet the perfect match. 

Karolina Borkovic


Karolina Borkovic is a Perth stylist who has lived and breathed fashion from a young age, travelling and living in various locations across the Asia Pacific and Europe, designing footwear and gaining inspiration to eventually open her own store in 2012. 

With her extensive experience in styling both men and women, Karolina is highly sought after for judging fashion shows and ambassadorships. She has her own fashion label Karolina Black and is an Instagram influencer @keepingupwithkarolina. 

Karolina believes we have 3 seconds to make a powerful first impression. Given 93% of communication is non-verbal, what we wear is pivotal in conveying our strength, confidence and beliefs.